Welcome, welcome... to my humble abode :)  

Who the hell am I kidding ? :) These pages will never be completely done. And the builders will always be in... *sigh*...

But hey ! So what, eh ?!!! I started these pages during my University days at Lancaster... about November 1996. It's been exactly a year. Now I'm home, in Singapore, working as a techie (or near enough anyway) in an IT company in Singapore. Never thought I'd be in this line...

Anyway, I suppose this is the time to tell you more about myself... hmmm... wonder if I'm the right person for the job !

Okay, here is Felix. He kinda reminds me of me sometimes ! Not that I go around face all screwed up, bemoaning the fate of the world or anything... just that university life and working life don't leave you much choice to relax and bum around much... hey ! you know what I mean !!!

Just a few connections, those addresses I remember anyway ! :)

My Current University - Lancaster University

My Old University - Brookes University in Oxford

My Sister's University - Deakin University in Victoria, Australia

Gregston Chu's ANIME Page and Grey's ANIME Gallery

The people I work for...

People I Love :  

First and foremost, the one who brought me into this world:
My Mami - Enny Isabela Leniyati


Me Best-Mate, Huili

She's currently working at Creative Labs as a Corporate Marketing Executive. You'd never guess, would ya ?!!!

(Hey ! Bet you regret sending me this now !!)


And last, but certainly not least, one who used to be the Chocolate in my Eclair, and someone who is so much a part of my life: Gibbo
He's the blonde one... and the one next to him is... *drum roll*... ME ! :)


Okay, what else is there to say ?! I know, I know... Huili has been complaining that my home page didn't look interesting enough... But hey ! I'm simply a mere Psychologist, okay ?! Give the shrink a break ! :)

As Cilla Black would say, " Tara for now ! "

Last Updated : 17 December 1997