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I have been into playing role-playing games since the age of 11 when I started playing D&D at secondary school. From there I progressed through various different game system, my favourite being Runequest and Cthulu. An at college I was introduced to MERP, which I liked although I only played in a few games. After leaving college I was introduced to Amber, which is what I am playing at this time, and although I find the old Runequest system is better in some ways Amber can be quite amusing. At this time I am not involved in an games, but I am always on the look out for any games going on with space for a new player. I am laos hoping that a friend of mine will get himself organised and get the planning stage of his campaign completed an start running it.

My favourite RPG system at this time is Runequest, a friend of mine has created a great world to play in.  In this setting that I have two of my favourite characters I have created, a half elf called Garrett, and a wood elf called Kellersandre, I have managed to get a portrait of Kellersandre done by a very talented artist, Melanie Klegerman.  I have a copy of the B&W and the Colour portrait here now one of Garrett may follow soon(ish).

Other than role playing games, I am also interested in playing various strategy games and computer games.  A couple of ones I have played are Everquest and Earth and Beyond. Both are online games (MMORPG's) but whilst being a lot of fun suffer the standard problems games of such type suffer from - too much importance on combat and lvling up, and too many annoying people.

Well now that is all done, here are a few links to interesting links to a few games and MUCK sites that I know of.

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Telnet Sites to some MUCK's


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AvalonUK Muck


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