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Hi there, welcome to my Anime page, enjoy :)

Well I have been interested in anime and manga ever since I read my first piece of manga, by the name of Grey (guess where I got my pseud from in 1988. Ever since, I have been very much into anime and manga, reading it and watching it when ever I can afford to get hold of some, or get somewhere where it is being shown, fortunately for me (although not necessarily for the bank) my collection is growing.

Then in 1993 I found out about a local anime con, and so with a friend I had managed to get interested, I went along. We were only there for a day that time, but managed to get ourselves better organised for the following year, and so we have been attending Anime conventions since then. Due to going to this event my appreciation for anime has grown, as has the number of people I have met and made friends with.

The last couple of years I have been going to the Con that replaced Contanimeted, Shinnenkai, which has been help at the Radisson Hotel again for the last couple of years.

Then in '98 I went to Aya Con and helped out there. A great time was had by all,  and due to a general consensus of all the attendee's it is going to be run next year.

Then in 99 they did it again and Came back to Birmingham with Aya Next with which I was much more involved with stewarding at (I was one of the Team of boss stewards).   Again a great time was had and the numbers of those who attended were better than the year before.

Well after a lean time for Anime Cons Aya cam back, in 2002 was up and running again and the turn out for it was one o the best I had seen in years. Again I was working most of the weekend, but I still had a great weekend in Northampton, and even managed to catch some anime ;)

Well 2003 doesn't look to be a good year for me in regards to anime, due to lack of fund I wont be able to get to the Con, well that and starting a new job anyway. But I did register as a supporter, as I don't like the idea of missing it, but hey these things happen.

At the moment I am trying to find an anime club slightly closer than London, but as my search is not going well and with the London Anime Club having moved again, this time further away from the centre it makes getting there a little more of a problem. But the LAC is a good way to see loads of Anime I haven't seen before and to meet lots of other people interested in anime.

Well I now living miles away from Oxford, but see the page about me for more details :).

Well here some lists of what I like, out of what I own at this time (which isn't a lot so be nice) :).

Some of My Favourite Anime

* Neon Genesis Evangelion
* Escaflowne
* Slayers & Slayers Next
* Lodoss War
* Urusei Yatsura
* Gunbuster
* Tenchi Muyo
* Ah My Goddess
* El Hazard
* Magic Knights Rayearth
* Angelic Layer
* Full Metal Panic

Some of My Favourite Manga

* Grey
* Ghost in the Shell
* Maison Ikkokou
* Nausicaa
* Ranma
* Appleseed
* Dominion

Some of My Favourite Soundtrack CD's

* Macross Plus
* BGC Collections 1
* BGC Collections 2
* Dominion
* Macross
* Meet the Tenchi Muyo
* Slayers
* Escaflowne - Lovers Only

Well now that all that is over, due to lack of space I will now pass you onto some links for Anime that I have already found (and I tell you there are a lot of pages out there, this is just a few of them ;)

Anime Fan fiction

Eyrie Productions - By far one of the best places to find good stuff

Undocumented Features - What happens when a story gets out of hand :)   Glad it did though

Anime Detective - Another set of story's by an Eyrie author, good work 'Doc'

Anime Home Pages

Listing of UK Anime fan resources and link

Anime Web Turnpike

United Publications

Otaku Publishing Ltd

Anime FTP Sites

Anime Fanfiction Site

Directory of /pub/pictures/anime-manga

Directory of /pub/anime-manga


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