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Well this is the start of the page and will be ever changing, when I get the time. So lets see how things progress.

Well for anybody who has decided to come to this page, welcome. As thetas out the way I take it you would like to know something about me ... thought so ;)

Anyway I am about 5'4 and for those interested in such things my birthday is May 31st, which makes me a Gemini.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1970

Over the years I have moved about a bit, recently I have been moving a lot more than I had planned, mostly due to the fact I am renting accommodation and sometimes the landlord (or lady) wants their house back (how inconsiderate lol) or I just move in with friends. But all in all since coming to Oxford in 1988 I have only had 7 different addresses so it isn't too bad.

As for where I am now, well I am currently a resident of a small town called Bicester in Oxfordshire and gods willing I am not going to move again for a while (I say that every time I move, so I'm not going to hold my breath on that subject). Anyway Bicester is a bit of a dump, and considering it calls itself a town has nothing to keep anybody amused. I am hoping that one day someone will see sense and do something about that sad state of affairs. This means that in order to do anything interesting I have to travel, usually into Oxford. But it isn't unheard of for me to travel to London or Milton Keynes in order to do something.

Well that is enough about where I live, lets move onto something else ... the next logical thing is to mention work. I have had a rather chequered job history. My longest job was with Elsevier Science, where I worked for 5 years. doing IT support work After almost a year of not doing a lot after leaving Elsevier (I had a few contracts but with the market the way is has been they have been few and far between) I am now working again. This time I am with a small company called Softpress , who produce a very nice bit of software for the Mac called Freeway (guess what I'm using to do the work on my pages ;). To be honest its one of the better Web page tools I have used in its design and simplicity - and trust me I'm not just saying that because I work here <grin>.

I have now placed my current Curriculum Vitae up here if anybody is interested in seeing what I have been up to profressionally.

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