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Welcome to my home stranger, make yourself comfortable. Oh yes and please excuse the mess, as you will see I am finally getting some updates done - better late than never wouldn't you agree ;).

Anyway just to let you know what you can expect to see here, this site will end up containing information about my interests, such as Anime and Role-playing, as well as anything else I can think of.

Well as you may have guessed I'm Adam, sometimes called Grey (It all depends on who it is :), and I will be getting new bits and pieces added to this site as and when I can manage to get the time to get on with it.

Anyway I have a few places of interest open at the moment, and you are welcome to explore.

If you want to see some pictures to do with a few of my favourite anime shows then take a look in the Gallery You will be happy to know this has started to be updated with thumbnails of the pictures in the gallery (about time I got round to this, but it still slow going).

Have fun and keep smiling, oh yes if you have any comments and suggestions let me know, I am always happy to listen to any new ideas :)

I have now placed my current Curriculum Vitae up here if anybody is interested in seeing what I have been up to profressionally.

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Author : Adam Burge

1/4/04, 9:18:19 am Town 303