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Simon Hewison

Who do I think I am?

I was born in 1970, and spent my formative years in Pembrokeshire, in the bottom left hand corner of Wales.

After getting a degree at Oxford Polytechnic, ended up working there, in Computer Services, doing an awful lot of work indeed, systems admin, systems programming, that sort of thing.

And then one day everything changed. I ended up working for Demon Internet, where I look after the things like customer databases and the like in their Finchley offices. Demon Internet is now part of Thus, but don't ask me about work, because Thus was a plc and the powers that be were afraid of adverse stock market reactions, I'm not supposed to say anything to the public. I guess I can say what I like about Demon Internet Limited though. Then.. A few years ago, I got outsourced, still doing pretty much the same stuff, but sitting at a different desk in a different office, but being paid by a different company, then once again, I got insourced again and promptly shunted off to the parent company mothership, in an office even further away. I cycle to work, which gets a little bit of exercise.

Of course, I can't work all the time, so here's the sort of things that I normally like doing when I'm not working.:

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If for some reason you find yourself compelled to contact me, here's a few ways of doing it:

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